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Power Boiler #4 Side Stream Scrubber and Hog System Upgrades - Grandfathered under GGIRCA(ID: 104000000011632)

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Canfor Pulp
The project reduces GHG emissions by switching from non-biogenic fossil fuel (natural gas) use to residual, biogenic biomass (hog fuel) feedstock. This is being accomplished by installing new wet-scrubber technology to increase particulate removal efficiency and by mechanical upgrades designed to increase the general reliability of the biomass supply system. The project plan for this project was originally validated under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act and has been accepted under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act transitional provision.

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CarbonBC Offset UnitFuel Switching
5353 Northwood Pulp Mill Road,BC,Prince George,Canada
The BC Carbon Registry is established under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act.
The BC Carbon Registry enables the issuance, transfer and retirement of compliance units used to fulfill the compliance obligation of
regulated operations under the Act, and supports the Province of British Columbia’s annual commitment to have a carbon neutral public sector.
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