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BC Transit and TransLink Low Carbon and Electric Vehicle Offset Project-Grandfathered under GGIRCA(ID: 104000000011514)

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A public transit sector fuel switch project. By purchasing new vehicles that are either more fuel efficient (e.g. diesel hybrid) than the baseline vehicle type (e.g. conventional diesel) or that use less GHG intensive fuels (e.g. electricity or hydrogen), the project proponents reduced GHG emissions below a business-as-usual scenario. The project plan for this project was originally validated under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act and has been accepted under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act transitional provision.

CategoryStandardProject Type
CarbonBC Offset UnitFuel Switching
British Columbia,Canada
The BC Carbon Registry is established under the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act.
The BC Carbon Registry enables the issuance, transfer and retirement of compliance units used to fulfill the compliance obligation of
regulated operations under the Act, and supports the Province of British Columbia’s annual commitment to have a carbon neutral public sector.
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